The Art of Trompe L’Oeil 

The Paintings of Barbara Dixon Drewa

Detailed, Hard-edge Realism


Barbara Dixon Drewa was born in St. Louis, Missouri in 1936. As a young child, she was accepted into a select Summer Art Program at Washington University in St. Louis, and later, would win many statewide competitions. Always recognized as an artist, there was never a doubt that Barbara would major in art in college, after graduating from high school.

Barbara began her formal studies in art at The University of Texas in Austin, where she received a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in 1958. Although her passion was painting, she developed a great interest in and awareness of art history. After many years as a fashion artist, designing greeting cards, teaching art classes, painting by commission and raising a family, Barbara returned to further her education at The University of Houston, where, in 1985, she received a Master of Fine Arts Degree in Painting. She taught drawing and painting classes at The University of Houston during this time. Upon receiving her Master of Fine Arts Degree, she began her long and successful affiliation with Fischbach Gallery in New York, New York.

Barbara Dixon Drewa’s work has been shown in reputable galleries and museums nationally and internationally and her paintings hang in prominent and distinguished corporate and personal collections.

Barbara moved to Durango, Colorado in 2016, realizing her dream and began this next phase of her long career as an artist.

Her paintings are extraordinary achievements and a testament to the Fine Art of Painting”.

~Fischbach Gallery, 2017


1987 Fischbach Gallery, New York

1989 Fischbach Gallery, New York

1997 Fischbach Gallery, New York

2001 Fischbach Gallery, New York

2005 Fischbach Gallery, New York

2017 Fischbach Gallery, New York (online)

2018 Durango Art Center, Durango, Colorado


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1983 “Graduate Works on Paper”, University Center Gallery, University of Houston, Houston, TX

1984 “Emerging Artists Invitational” Art League of Houston, Houston, TX

1984 “University of Houston Student Exhibition”, Blaffer Gallery, University of Houston, Houston, TX

1984 “Art League Membership Competition”, Art League of Houston, Houston, TX

1984 “Still Life”, Wilhelm Gallery, Houston, TX

1985 “Borrowed Art”, Galveston Art Center, Galveston, TX

1985 “College of the Mainland National Competition: Printmaking and Drawing

1985”, College of the Mainland, Texas City, TX

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1985 “Master of Fine Art Thesis Exhibition”, Blaffer Gallery, University of Houston, TX

1985 Group Show, Betsy Rosenfield Gallery, Chicago, IL

1985 “Introductions ‘85”, Pembroke Gallery, Houston, TX

1985 “Collector’s Gallery XIX”, Marion Koogler McNay Art Museum, San Antonio, TX

1986 Group Show, Betsy Rosenfield Gallery, Chicago, IL

1986 “Black and White”, Air Gallery, Austin,

1986 “Summer Issue”, Fischbach Gallery, NY

1986 “Women of the Big State: Current Art”, Arts Warehouse, Austin, TX

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2006 “Lost Art”, Fischbach Gallery, NY

2006 “The Art Show”, Fischbach Gallery, NY

2007 “Spring Break”, Fischbach Gallery, NY

2007 “Uovo Spectrum”, Fischbach Gallery, NY

2008 “Transmitting From The Third Planet From The Center of The Universe”, Fischbach Gallery, NY

2009 “Everyone Loves Good News”, Fischbach Gallery, NY

2009 “Made You Look”, Fischbach Gallery, NY

2010 “We Are the World”, Fischbach Gallery, NY

2011 “Shine”, Fischbach Gallery, NY

2011 “Wildflowers”, Fischbach Gallery, NY

2012 “The Romantic Impulse”, Gross McCleaf Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

2013 “Just in Time”, Fischbach Gallery, NY

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2017 “18”, Fischbach Gallery, New York (online)

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2017 “41st Annual Juried Art Exhibit”, Durango Art Center, Durango, CO

2017 “Human/Nature”, Durango Art Center, Durango, CO


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